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Sunday, June 16, 2013

LAGOON - Lens Effect test . . . VRAY 1.6 BETA

VRAY FOR SKETCHUP BETA 1.6 Rendering Challenge
process : sketchup + vray 1.6 beta + photoshop
ZOOM_FINAL_1 - lens, bloom and glare effect l...
VRayLensEffects - HERE  

sēmantikós_2...isaiah 41:10

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Render[in] 2.1.0 - Fully Integrated Realtime Radiosity Engine in Sketchup . . .

http://www.renderin.com/       http://extensions.sketchup.com/en/content/renderin-210 

• quickly create a high definition rendering with no size limitation
• use existing SketchUp parameters and add new ones
• create a photo-realistic project environment (water, sand, grass) and a 3D sky with clouds
• create artificial light sources
• see the final result in a real-time radiosity preview window

Many thanks to Eric Dosayla for continue giving us support, tips and tricks and sharing information.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Z_water_Sketchup V1.6 beta . . .

I have a lot of message asking tutorial for water...now here it is sketchup file and vismat material using bump | texnoise. . . enjoy :)

VISMAT                               SKP FILE


Featured Visualizer: Zernan Suarez
Some of us can still recognize these excellent images done in Vray SketchUp. Who could believe that most of these works were done with the old VraySU 1.05.33.Well, the man behind them is Zernan Suarez, aka "Zdesign". Zernan is one of the famous visualizer at http://www.cgpinoy.org/ using Google SketchUp and VraySU. I myself is a fan and  follower of  this man. I love the way he creates his scene with dramatic lighting. Zernan's is also a generous and regular contributor of excellent tutorials when it comes to visualization. 

. . .

If you remember, this vray for sketchup rendered image is one of my entry in September 2010 Chaos Group Vray Render Contest and it's included in one of the pages of CatchUp – SketchUcation Community News – Edition 1
Thank you very much to sketchucation and the Daily Catchup