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Monday, November 16, 2015


Understanding the human figure by :  ULDIS ZARINS with SANDIS KONDRATS
The concept of this book came from the other co-author Uldis Zarins, a classically trained sculptor. While he's learning sculpting, he was frustrated by the lack of anatomy books for sculptors, and so he decided to create such a book. The book was crowd-funded successfully on Kickstarter in May 2013


Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Bokeh effect is defined as “the effect of a soft out-of-focus background that you get when shooting a subject, using a fast lens, at the widest aperture, such as f/2.8 or wider.” Simply put, bokeh is the pleasing or aesthetic quality of out-of-focus blur in a photograph. 

V-Ray also offers a feature to simulate this type of effect: enable the depth of field and just flag on “blades” 

Trial 1 | Aperture (f number) 8.0 | Shutter speed 300
Trial 2 | Aperture (f number) 1.0 | Shutter speed 300
Trial 3 | Aperture (f number) 2.0 | Shutter speed 125
Trial 4 | Aperture (f number) 2.0 | Shutter speed 60

3 important things to affect DOF "Depth of field" 
 Adjust or increase Blur DOF effect
  • Using a bigger Focal length
  • Reducing the distances from the subject (actual distance of camera to object)
  • Decreasing f-number
Note : The more you decrease the value of f_number more strong effect in DOF "Depth of field"   -  -

EV (Exposure value) a combination of a shutter speed and an aperture "f-number" setting, independent of any ISO setting.
EV (Exposure value)
I have lots of trial and error...correct me if I'm wrong about the setting and I need a comments and more suggestion if you have. :) GOD BLESS

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Using Displacement | Normal | Specular maps 

Trial -   adding specular map to perpendicular slot of the Fresnel and normal map to the Reflection Glossiness slot.