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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Exporting multiple Scene Images in SKETCHUP . . .

OPTION - 1 by Saving Current view in sketchup :
To export the current view of your SketchUp model as a raster image, follow these steps: From drop down menu - Select File - Export - 2D Graphic.
Then Export 2D Graphic dialog box appears. 
Navigate the location where you want to save your image. :) voila that's it!

But if you want to save multiple scene view from sketchup scene tab use this

OPTION - 2 by Exporting multiple Scene Images :
To export the multiple view of your SketchUp model as a raster image, here's the tricky steps: 

Go to Window - Model Info - Animation - uncheck the Scene Transitions box.

Go to the File menu - Export -- Animation, set the file type to JPEG

Use the Options button to adjust the size of the images...then Export animation.

It's automatically save all the image view of your sketchup...voila and hope it's helps.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

designMENA - creative round winner

Interior designers and architects in Dubai came together to celebrate the first ever designMENA Quiz night, which took place at Mint Leaf of London, Dubai on May 10.
The quiz, organised by designMENA.com, Commercial Interior Design and Middle East Architect magazines, featured seven rounds, highly focused on design and architecture, as well as general knowledge, music and movie rounds.
The teams were also challenged to take part in a creative round where they were tasked to create a piece of furniture or a furniture concept, using a single block of Plasticine.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

NPR's * non-photorealistic render . . .

Non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) is an area of computer graphics that focuses on enabling a wide variety of expressive styles for digital art. In contrast to traditional computer graphics, which has focused on photorealism, NPR is inspired by artistic styles such as paintingdrawingtechnical illustration, and animated cartoons.