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Art is part of my life and here at my personal touch in design, I strive to provide a concept with professional and personalized design solution. I understand that a home or business  needs to be comfortable and attractive, and that these key ingredients must be reflected in each unique design style. Whether you are simply looking for deco advice, a vibrant design treatment to finish a room, or a complete makeover, I will create attractive interior and exterior landscapes that will be both practical and nice. Discussion is always part of the design process. From this I create the layout, to ensure that people can move around and interact well. Circulation is the most important thing. My approach to the design process is to determine the client's vision for their needs and allows them to be involved as much or as little as desired, and translate that into a reality. My shared goal is to empower the client to make choices that are pleasing to them and ultimately to add a sense of pride and ownership with a positive attitude and inspiration, whether that's a metaphor, a music piece, or associated with nature.

My vision...my skills, nice concept ideas.
         z e r n a n  s u a r e z
designer  |  visualizer | 3D artist

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art is not what you feel or see...but what you make others feel or see.

To see a piece of artwork is a pleasant experience, and to feel a piece of artwork is a permanent realization. When you see a beautiful work of art, sometimes it's not enough to simply see; you want to have a deeper relationship with the material to be a part of it. The usual way to respond to this desire is to buy a brush and have your relationship through duplication. We become co-creators, co-conspirators, we can make things happen. We can participate in a much more meaningful way.

                                                                                                                            z d e s i g n