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Saturday, July 28, 2012

THE MAKING NPR_non photorealistic render

Sometime NPR - non photorealistic render is more attractive especially for presentation, and now I'm going to show you some tips and tricks on how to convert the image render done in Lumion3d and converted to NPR using fotosketcher and post process in photoshop.

Open the Image file in fotosketcher and follow the procedure and save the fotosketcher output.

Open the fotosketcher output in photoshop for post process.

Duplicate the layer to add more details in the scene.

Here’s the trick, using highpass it helps more depth and edge line detail in the scene.

Here I use only 3.6 radius, you can try other value and it depends on your preference.

Another trick, change normal to overlay.

By adjusting brightness/contrast it gives more depth and lines in the scene.

Adding more shine and color.

Copy the portion that you want to highlights.

And paste over the original image.

Adjust color to add more drama in the scene.

Here I adjust only the red color +50.

Finally merge all the layers.

Compare the difference.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Penthouse_Space Planning

process : autocad and coreldraw ( one day in the making )

Follow & Check also some of my 2D presentation using coreldraw - HERE & HERE

Dear Mr. God

Let's pause for a while . . . 

Dear Mr. God, I’m writin’ You today Because it seems like lately I’ve forgotten how to pray I know I don’t need this pen But everybody likes to get A letter now and then I’m sorry for not writin’ more Chorus: ‘Cause I need you But it’s hard to see Why anyone as big as You Needs anything from me You know You’re there So how ya been? I’m alright but I can’t lie, Sometimes I feel like givin’ in You’re all I’ve got Dear Mr. God, Sometimes I wish You lived next door So over coffee You could tell me What You started all this for I guess you saw That sunrise yesterday Thanks for the reminder That You’re never gone away It gives me hope Telling You what You already know I need you But it’s hard to see Why anyone as big as you Needs anything from me You know You’re there So how’ve You Been? I’m all right but I can’t lie Sometimes I feel like givin’ in Dear Mr. God, Tell me do You ever cry When we forget to thank You For the good things in our lives? I know I can’t always understand Why You do the things You do But I know in the end I’ll make it through If I stand next to You So here I am Dear Mr. God, I’m writin’ you today Because it seems like lately I’ve forgotten how to pray


Monday, July 16, 2012

FEATURING - The Winfrids and Dirtslub

Released Jul 04, 2012

For the fourth episode, featured two amazing skater bands from the south, Dirtslub and The Winfrids. visit them on their website:

and www.undergroundmnlpodcast.blogspot.com Spread the word and let your music be heard!
check on itunes : HERE

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I have a lot of work to finish everyday. . . always!  Now, i need to divert all my senses to my lord just for a little change to my daily routine. A simple rain animation done in lumion 3D titled "GOD'S BLESSING" with a simple effects in sony vegas pro...hope you like it.