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Wednesday, July 18, 2018


This stacks are my personal setting according to my scene setup and orientation of sun and sky in every angle using different kind of effects, hope you can try it and if you want just check below and load directly to your lumion.
This process is easy in Lumion, nevertheless you can make it even faster by re-using previous effects. Lumion allows you to copy/paste individual effects and combinations of effects (called effect stacks) for use in different images or animations. You can do this by either copy-pasting in a single project or by saving and loading between one Lumion project and another. This helps save even more time in achieving high quality images, movie clips or 360 panoramas.


HINT : after render in lumion, open the render image with stack 2 lme in photoshop and overlay stack 1 lme with 20 percent opacity and check the difference.

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